The MirBSD™ Korn Shell is an actively developed BSD-licensed implementation of the Korn Shell programming language and a successor to the Public Domain Korn Shell (pdksh). Please refer to the mksh home page for a list of its features. We have chosen to package this as an interoperability gesture, due to it being common as a ksh93 implementation on other platforms.

We currently maintain the spec-files-extra spec file for SFEmksh and currently have package downloads available for OpenSolaris on x86. We plan on adding SPARC packages soon, and perhaps Solaris 10 (SPARC and x86) as well if there is interest. Please contact us via our About Us page to inquire on the status of the additional packages.

Currently, we have R39c (compiled with arcfour) available.

To install:



IPS (pkg)

Not available at this time.

SVR4 (pkgadd)

jack@opensolaris:~$ pfexec pkgadd -d all

SFE (pkgbuild)

(First you need to have the pkgbuild/spec-files-extra environment set up. The pkgbuild wiki has an article related to this subject.)

jack@opensolaris:~$ . /opt/dtbld/bin/ || . /opt/jdsbld/bin/
jack@opensolaris:~$ cd spec-files-extra
jack@opensolaris:~/spec-files-extra$ pkgtool build-only --download --svr4 SFEmksh
jack@opensolaris:~/spec-files-extra$ pfexec pkgadd -d ~/packages/PKGS SFEmksh-root SFEmksh


Only installing via pkgbuild is available at this time. Sorry! (See above for the instructions.)

Solaris 10

Unavailable at this time. Please contact us for packages. (No, the OpenSolaris packages probably won't work for you...)